"building QUALITY"
SURE, QUALITY IS IN THE DETAILS.  THE QUESTION IS, WHAT DETAILS?  Is it the number of acres or properties that we developed last year?  How many commercial sites that we manage?  Or the number of customers who found, purchased or developed commercial or residential properties thanks to our team?  Or could it even be the amount of cement, the number of doorknobs or the gallons of paint we use.  BUT AT HOLLIS HOLDINGS, WE DON'T THINK SO.

"Offices of Community Health Systems"

We think it's our attention to the most minute aspect of every project, weather it's your first independant venture or your fiftieth.  And the fact that we go beyond the ordinary (effective site selection, site planning and development, and on-time, on-budget completion) to focus on the elements in between.
Like seamless project management, long-standing professional relationships, and our reputation as an established community leader.  WE THINK OF IT AS FOCUSING ON THE BIG PICTURE.  ONE BRICK AT A TIME.

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